Some lovely resources for helping your child during the Summer and getting back to school

File icon: pdf COVID19_006_My Back to School Bubble_English.pdf [pdf 13MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Barnardo's Returning to School Life After Lockdown Guide_Final PDF With Editable Boxes.pdf [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Supporting-Children-Returning-to-School-After-the-Lockdown.pdf [pdf 598KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf selfcaresummer-primary-pack.pdf [pdf 5MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf mindfulness-calendar-daily-5-minute-activities.pdf [pdf 601KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf coronavirus-toolkit-return-to-school.pdf [pdf 3MB] Click to download

School Games Active Championship

Active Games Championship

File icon: pdf SGAC Info.pdf [pdf 194KB] Click to download

Farming Fortnight Resources

'Primary and secondary schools from all over the UK are encouraged to have a fortnight focus on British Farming and food production. A wide range of engaging national curriculum linked resources and materials have been developed for schools to download. Topic sheets, lesson plans, case studies and videos will explore different farming sectors and support teachers in delivering inspiring lessons around food and farming. Each day of the campaign has its own farming theme and accompanying social media hashtag and schools and students will be encouraged to share their learning experiences on social media.'

Farming Fortnight

Child Friendly Explanations of Coronavirus

Nosy Crow - children's book

File icon: pdf dave-the-dog-coronavirus-1-1.pdf [pdf 7MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Child_Friendly_Explanation_of_Coronavirus (1).pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf CCO Children's Guide to Coronavirus.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf cco-childrens-guide-to-coronavirus (1).pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Word Searches

File icon: pdf Harry Potter Wordsearch.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Roald Dahl Wordsearch.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Classic Book Wordsearch.pdf [pdf 447KB] Click to download
File icon: pdf WORDSEARCH_book.characters.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download

Big  Life Journal - Quarantine Book

Lots of activities for children to complete about their life during lockdown! Something for them to keep for the future.

File icon: pdf My 2020 Quarantine Time Capsule UK - Big Life Journal.pdf [pdf 5MB] Click to download

Beverley Puppet Festival

Beverley Puppet Festival is a festival of puppet shows, events and workshops, publicly-funded by Arts Council England, which takes place every two years.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Festival this year is providing free online puppetry events for families and teachers. Puppeteers are creating video activities on the theme ‘Back to Nature’, using simple materials easily sourced from everyday items.  Three free workshops will be released per week via the Festival website and social media channels from Monday 18 May through to Sunday 12 July. All ages are welcome, and your creations can be shared on our website. 


Further information is available on our website:

PE at Home

Our local school sport partnerships have put together a program of daily activities to keep children active and ensure they are still developing skills learnt in P.E. whilst at home. Each week will focus on a different sporting activity. 
Follow the link below for a new challenge each week:


Dance Challenge


Global Dimension Resources

Global Dimension

Lots of resources for schools and parents.

Step into the NHS Competition

NHS Competition


Amazon Audible

While schools are closed Amazon are providing stories for children to listen to - and it's free to use!!

Children's Stories

Yorkshire Water Home Learning

Here you will find activities that can be done in the home and garden, and these will support topic based learning whilst still meeting national curriculum requirements -

Home Learning

Yesterday, Yorkshire water launched the first of their home learning videos – all about the Water Cycle.  You can see the film on their YouTube channel here -

Water Cycle

Croda - Science

Croda are assisting with virtual/ digital content for science. 


For all ages

  • We currently have a daily Tweet going out on Twitter which contains a fun science activity which kids should be able to do with items in their household or garden (you can find this @crodaSTEM on Twitter – you don’t need to follow us to get access so if parents don’t have Twitter there is no concern here, they can still access the content)
  • We are sharing some information and activity sheets based on some of the science we do at Croda. These are being tweeted on a Monday each week – see for more information.


Jigsaw Families

Free stories and activities for children at home.

Jigsaw at Home

More Resources

ELSA Free Online Resourses

Below is a free link for support at home,

If families are having trouble explaining what is happening right now or are dealing with anxiety this could be really helpful!

ELSA Resources

Tips for Talking to Your Child About Coronavirus

Talking to your childabout Coronavirus - Link to the Young Minds Website

Ten tips from our Parents Helpline

  1. Try not to shield your child from the news, as it’s likely they will find out somehow from school, being online or from friends.
  2. Talk to your child about what is going on. you could start by asking them what they have heard.
  3. Try to answer their questions and reassure them in an age appropriate manner. Remember, you do not need to know all the answers, but talking can help them feel calm.
  4. Reassure your child that it is unlikely they will get seriously ill, and if they do you feel ill you will look after them. Your child might be concerned about who will look after you if you catch the virus. Let them know the kind of support you have as an adult so that they don’t feel they need to worry about you.
  5.  Give some practical tips to your child about how they can look after themselves. For example, show them how to wash their hands properly, and remind them when they should be doing it.
  6. Keep as many regular routines as possible, so that your child feels safe and that things are stable.
  7. Spend time doing a positive activity with your child (e.g. reading, playing, painting, cooking) to help reassure them and reduce their anxiety. This is also a great way of providing a space for them to talk through their concerns, without having a ‘big chat’. For activities ideas, visit our starting a conversation with your child guide. 
  8. Encourage your child to think about the things they can do to make them feel safer and less worried.
  9. Be aware that your child may want more close contact with you at this time and feel anxious about separation. Try to provide this support whenever possible.
  10. Remember to look after yourself too. If you yourself are feeling worried, or anxious about coronavirus, talk to someone you trust who can listen and support you.



Twinkl are offering free resources for staff and parents/carers.

Click on the link to sign up using the password UKTWINKLHELPS

The Maths Factor

Following the Government’s decision to implement widespread school closures across the UK to minimise the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Maths Factor will be making it FREE for everyone (usually about £2 per week) to support childrens’ continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period. Click on the link for more information.


TTS Activity Packs

TTS have produced some activity packs for you to work on with your children.

File icon: pdf My_Activity_Book_Yrs_7_11.pdf [pdf 22MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf My_Activity_Book_Yrs_5_7.pdf [pdf 25MB] Click to download

Phonics Play

Phonics Play are offering free resources for parents to use whilst children are unable to go to school. This is fun games to help children with their reading.

Please read the info on the picture and click on the link below -

Phonics Play - Parents


Chatta Club

As a school with a subscription to Chatta they are providing daily activities for families, including Chatta app access and help/support.
They will send an activity every day and support parents/carers with any help needed.
This is a link to a flyer explaining how parents can join.

Chatta Club

The Kid Should See This

Some interseting videos for kids to watch -


cbeebies radio

Some nice stories to listen to -

Pawprint Challenges

Some great activities to do with children of all ages!